Best Ever Fundraising Banquet 2019!

Give Hope, Show Love, Speak Life

We want to thank everyone that came to our banquet! What an incredible night of testimonies, vision, and celebrating life! We could not exist without the support of God’s people! Our hearts are full! And thank you to all that gave so much to make this night happen! From the courageous people that gave their testimonies, the beautiful and talented videographers that gave their talent and time to bring them to life, the volunteers that gave so much to help bring this all together (along with dedicated staff), the wonderful speaker that we now call friend and is the real deal, the caterers (21 West End), the INCREDIBLE A/V company Grand Finale (for turning a Convention Center into a beautiful space, our Underwriters that made that evening happen so everything made that night went to the ministry, to finally, all of you, that gave up an evening to celebrate life with us and give so generously! Much love to you all, and ALWAYS to God be the glory and why we do it all! Thank you, Father!

1st Choice Pregnancy Medical Center offers free, confidential services,
as we EDUCATE families facing unplanned pregnancies,
EQUIP them for an abundant life, and ETERNALLY IMPACT each soul.

1st Choice Matters For Families

You can be a part of changing lives in the River Valley.

You can be a part of changing lives in the River Valley.

Going beyond SAVING lives,
1st Choice addresses heart issues
and CHANGES lives